Critical Praise:

“Tucker is a riveting storyteller whose book brims with a cathartic intelligence about the dark side of families and how we survive.”
People magazine

"The Promised World is a book that will appeal both to readers of literary fiction and those who enjoy psychological suspense. It's one of the standout novels of the year."

—The Chicago Sun-Times

"Tucker excels at telling unexpected stories. In The Promised World, she hands the reader a solid marriage that is torn by tragedy...when the story's underlying turns are revealed, and everything comes together, it makes terrific sense."

—The Denver Post

"A compelling must-read novel that is part mystery, part family drama, and wholly satisfying."

—Deseret News

“A masterfully told story that delves deep into the human psyche and examines the frailty of the human mind after a tragedy and the powerful, lifelong impact of childhood memories."

"Engrossing and suspenseful, Tucker's remarkable novel unveils the motives behind the curious behavior and superfluous lies of unusually close-knit fraternal twins...[a] satisfying, imminently readable novel."
Publishers Weekly

"A compulsively readable story...nothing is as it appears in this suspenseful, well-crafted look at truth and betrayal...a haunting, harrowing story."
Library Journal 

As usual Lisa Tucker didn’t disappoint with this novel. As with The Song Reader, her characters are finely drawn, with multi-faceted personalities.  . . In short, her characters are human, they’re you, and me, and people we know, and that is what makes the story work so well. The Promised World is a really lovely novel, one I’ll think about for quite some time.”

The Novel Bookworm 

The Promised World introduced me to author Lisa Tucker, and I was pulled in — head over heels; hook, line, and sinker. When a story unfolds as beautifully and with such dramatic tension as this one, it’s a page-turning combination that can’t be beat.”

5 Minutes for Books 

The Promised World
   An Indie Next List/ NAIBA Notable book

On a March afternoon, while Lila Cole is working in her quiet office, her twin brother, Billy, points an unloaded rifle out a hotel window, closing down a city block. The aftermath of his death brings shock after shock for Lila when she discovers that her brilliant but troubled twin was not only estranged from his wife, but also charged with endangering the life of his middle child and namesake, eight-year-old William.

As Lila struggles to figure out what was truth and what was fiction in her brother's complicated past, she will put her job, her marriage, and even her sanity at risk. And when the hidden meaning behind Billy's stories comes to light, she will have to act before Billy's children are destroyed by the same heartbreaking reality that shattered her protector and twin more than twenty years ago.

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